4 Features of a Great Magnifier

4 Features of a Great Magnifier

Magnifiers are a great tool, whether you are a low vision user or are looking for something to help you with small and delicate tasks. But with the many different types available, it can be hard to choose the right magnifier for your needs. We recently sat down with our Operations Manager, the fantastic Leanne Sheil, to see if she could illuminate the issue for us, and she was kind enough to share her top 4 features to look for in a great magnifier.

 1. Optical Clarity

“Optical Clarity is really important”, says Leanne. Make sure that the magnifier isn’t distorting or warping whatever it is you’re looking at. There’s not much point using a magnifier to try and read something if it’s distorting it beyond recognition!


2. Colour Correction

Related to optical clarity, colour correction means making sure that the magnifier doesn’t create chromatic aberrations, false colours created by the laws of physics. “You can’t have your magnifier distorting or changing the colour of things”, Leanne emphasises.

 3. Light Source

“In my opinion, every good magnifier has a lighting source.” Half the battle when using any magnifier is making sure that there is enough light to see what you are looking at. The more light, the better, and so a built-in lighting source simplifies things immensely.



4. Ergonomic Design

A magnifier is supposed to help you, not bring you pain! You need to be comfortable using your mag, so consider how you’ll be using the magnifier, and look at how its physical design may help or hinder you. Depending on the task, you can choose between freestanding mags or portable mags, so choose the right magnifier for the job to ensure you don’t cause yourself any unnecessary pain.


If you are looking for a good magnifier, either for a patient or for your own use, be sure to check out our extensive range of both optical and digital magnifiers from Eschenbach Optik. There’s a mag for any occasion, so check out the collection at https://www.europeaneyewear.com.au/collections/magnifiers

A big thanks to Leanne for her time and knowledge! 

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