The 3 Different types of Magnifier you need to know about!

The 3 Different types of Magnifier you need to know about!

Magnifiers are one of the most common low-vision aids available. At their core, they exist to make small things, such as small text in a book, bigger, so that they can be seen more easily. So, when ordering or recommending a magnifier, you might get a shock when confronted with the many different styles of magnifier available from European Eyewear. So here’s a handy guide to the main categories of magnifiers and their uses.

Hand Magnifiers

Sherlock Holmes’ trusty companion, the handheld magnifier is the simplest and most common form of magnifier. As the name suggests, the user simply holds the magnifier via a handle over the object to be enlarged. This allows the user to easily manipulate the distances between eye, lens, and object, for best viewing results.

They might be a simple device, but there are many different options to choose from. The user may want the traditional lens on a handle, such as the Visomed, while others may prefer one of our smaller options such as the Easy Pocket, which is around the size of a credit card.

Another factor to consider is the available lighting. While simple mags use available natural light, this is no use in the dark, and so some models such as the Mobilux LED having their own inbuilt light source for greater illumination.

Stand Magnifiers

Mounted on a base of some sort, free-standing magnifiers provide the option for a bigger lens, as well as allowing the user to have both hands free at once. Stand mags are great for prolonged use where a handheld magnifier might become tiresome. They are also favoured by hobbyists such as model painters, knitters, or other activities that involve working on small, detailed objects.

As with the handheld mags, there are many options to consider when looking at freestanding magnifiers. The intended purpose should be considered, with models such as the Visolux being great for reading, as opposed to the Scribolux which is suited for writing under. Hobby users may desire the freedom of the Daylight Omega 7 Magnifying Lamp, which allows the lens to be positioned as well as providing its own illumination.

Digital Magnifiers

Instead of the traditional lens, digital mags use cameras to project an enlarged image onto a screen. They come in both free-standing and handheld models, and provide many advanced features. The Digital XL FHD, for example, allows variable levels of magnification, is touch-capable, and can even be connected to a larger screen via HDMI, as well as many other class-leading features.

Have more questions? European Eyewear have been specialists in magnifiers for 47 years, and are always willing to try to help in selecting the best magnifier for the needs of each individual. Give us a call today on 03 8756 0900, or email us at

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