About European Eyewear

European Eyewear

European Eyewear began in 1972 and is Australia's biggest supplier of magnifiers, and a major supplier of eyewear.

We are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand agent for Eschenbach Optik of Germany, who have been in business since 1913.

Eschenbach are the world leaders in magnifiers, and Germany's leading supplier of eyewear.

European Eyewear also distributes specialised lighting from the Daylight Company.

Eschenbach Optik

A global brand with tradition.

Over 100 years experience, a combination of tradition and leading edge technology, focus on innovation and progress and on reliability and performance. Since its foundation in 1913, these criteria have contributed to Eschenbach Optik's success and made it one of the leading suppliers of optical products, in Germany and worldwide. Its product portfolio ranges from spectacle frames and sunglasses to magnifying glasses, special visual aids and binoculars.


Eschenbach Optik vision technology products are high quality specialist vision products designed and made in Nuremberg Germany. With over 100 years experience in everything from the research and development to the state of the art manufacturing process you can be guaranteed exceptional quality of your German made vision technology product.

Eschenbach Optik products provide vision solutions for people with both Low vision and those requiring an aid to assist with a specific task. We like to call this Easy Vision, as it is designed to make a task easier.

Low vision

Eschenbach offers a range of vision technology products for those with Visual impairment. These aids are designed to make daily life so much easier and therefore enable those with visual impairment to regain or maintain their independence and quality of life by maximising the use of their residual vision.

Easy vision

As we get older it is quite normal for our vision to deteriorate. Sometimes even the best corrective eyewear is not enough. The Easy Vision concept from Eschenbach is that additional innovative products are able to compensate for the impaired vision and relaxed vision is again possible while doing a task. Easy vision products are excellent quality, visually appealing and incredibly easy to use. Easy vision products are for everyone who needs a little more help than their glasses can give them for daily activities like crosswords, reading menus, needlework etc.


High tech meets design. TITANflex® - the unique material with "shape memory" doesn't just combine features such as sturdiness, lightness and flexibility. TITANflex® also provides perfect fit combined with superb comfort.

TITANflex® frames are 10 times more flexible than frames made of standard metal and around a third lighter than frames made of standard metal. TITANflex® frames have a memory metal effect that following extreme reshaping, always goes back to its original condition.

Performance design technology - for 25 years TITANflex®' success has been down to the superior performance of the memory metal material. Now with innovations in technology, Eschenbach can deliver highly fashionable frames with the incredible flexibility of TITANflex®. The result is sturdy, resilient TITANflex® frames combined with the latest styles.


HUMPHREY'S eyewear is refreshingly unconventional, adventurous and ultra appealing. Specially designed for small faces too, the HUMPHREY'S brand is trendy, colourful and individual. Utilising new finishes and lens shapes in both acetate and metals, the range constantly changes and innovates. Eye catching, sassy and more brightly coloured than ever.
HUMPHREY'S - positively different!


Brendel frames are geared towards the self confident woman who knows what she wants. Brendel is a trendy and confident brand which offers a feminine look for the contemporary woman. Brendel frames are deep enough to accommodate all prescription lenses in high quality acetate and metal models.


TITANflex® designed specifically for young guys! Sporty, colourful but also hardy. All the benefits of TITANflex® for a younger more active market. The new crush styles are sporty and dynamic with anti- slip adjustable temples for the perfect fit with the perfect look.


Tough eyewear for kids! Bright and lively, light and tough! Oio eyewear for kids is designed with the adventurous child in mind. Using TITANflex® technology, the frames bend and yield under pressure, so the oio range suits kids aged 3 to 10 perfectly. The cool designs mean that the kids will love their glasses, and if they love it they will wear it!

Marc O'Polo

Marc O'Polo stands for a relaxed urban lifestyle with discerning standards. Marc O'Polo presents frames and sunglasses in two segments - vintage and modern casual. Fashionable yet timeless.

High quality materials and craftsmanship, sophisticated functionality and timeless, clean lines are featured in the new Marc O'Polo Eyewear Collection.


There are many circumstances where binoculars are the perfect tool. And the requirements are as varied as the applications.

Eschenbach offers the right binocular for many different uses. From a monocular that fits in your shirt pocket to bright twilight binoculars. Eschenbach's combination of quality, best value and service guarantees a clear view.
See farther, experience more.


Daylight lamps have been researched and designed specifically for the low vision market.

All daylight lamps are fitted with high quality daylight bulbs or tubes. The benefits of a daylight lamp are that this light is the most comfortable light for working or reading. Daylight is simply the best source of light at any time of the day. We truly help you see better. The benefits of a daylight lamp are particularly important to people who are experiencing sight loss or are partially sighted.

Daylight lamps significantly increases contrast and clarity, as well as reducing glare to provide the most comfortable light.